What is TCSI?

TCSI (pronounced 'taxi') is a joint project to transform how student information is collected by the Department of Education & Training (DET) and the Department of Human Services (DHS). It replaces the Higher Education Information Management System (HEIMS) and Centrelink Academic Reassessment Transformation (CART) data collections which are based on files submitted to the departments at specific times in the year with real time web services.

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Getting ready for TCSI

TechnologyOne is participating as a Co-Design Contributor of the solution.

TechnologyOne has now delivered TCSI functionality for Course, Campus, Unit of Study, Authentication, Students, Course Admissions, Enrolments, Student Loans, Applicants, Preferences, Offers and the new area of Concordance. Staff and Provider Information Requests will not be included.

All customers will need to have Ci Anywhere infrastructure installed, and on the latest release (2019B) of our Student Management software to be TCSI ready. While the TCSI reporting process is run through Ci Anywhere, customers do not need to implement Ci Anywhere functionality for data entry activities and may continue to use Ci to enter Student information.

Note: Changes to TCSI reporting deadlines

Please note the following change to implementation dates for TCSI. The first date from which TCSI will be available to receive new records, revisions, and deletions is now Monday 4 May 2020.

While 31 May 2020 remains the optimal timeframe for transitioning to the new TCSI reporting arrangements, as per the 2020 Higher Education Data Collection Ministerial Notice and the 2020 VET Student Loans Secretary's Notice, an extended transition period will be available for providers requiring additional time to commence reporting via the TCSI system. This will be formalised shortly in an update to the Notices.

Higher education providers

Higher education providers planning to adopt TCSI in May 2020 should not be impacted. We will continue to work closely with you as you transition to TCSI.

Providers able to adopt TCSI by 30 June 2020 can delay their first submission of 2020 data until this date.

For providers unable to meet a 30 June timeframe, we will work with you to develop a transition pathway for your organisation that reduces any negative impacts on students and their HELP entitlements.

All providers will need an agreed plan to transition to TCSI no later than 31 August 2020.

VSL providers

VSL providers will continue to use HEPCAT to report 2020 census dates until they transition to TCSI to avoid any delay to their payments.

All providers will need to transition to TCSI by 31 August 2020.

Any questions?Please refer to the HEIMS help website for more information.

Key milestones

The time frames that TechnologyOne are working towards for the TCSI Project are as follows:

2019B Available - now available

The 2019B release is now available for Student Management customers so they can upgrade in advance of testing and implementing the TCSI solution. SaaS customers will automatically have access to 2019B Ci Anywhere functionality, which will be installed and ready to test in the relevant environments.

TCSI Release 1 – November 2019

This release delivers the APIs and portal functionality to report student, reference and enrolment data.

This includes:

  • Higher education courses of study, courses, students, course admissions, units of study, unit enrolments, campuses and courses on campus
  • All VSL data groups

The APIs for these data groups incorporate the complete technical solution, including all specifications and swagger files, to support Release 1. The complete set of APIs will be available to test from mid-July 2019. Portal templates for Release 1 files will be available on the TCSI webpage from the end of June.

TCSI Release 2 - Proposed: March 2020

This release delivers the APIs for the remaining higher education submissions: OS-HELP, SA-HELP, University staff, applications, preferences, and offers.

Software rollout plan

So that we can offer our customers the necessary assurances of delivery, stability and support, we have developed a software rollout plan. This involves delivering the software to Early Access customers first, ahead of the wider release of the TCSI solution in our 2019B release. Flinders University, Curtin University and Central Queensland University are participating as Early Access customers, and are currently undergoing testing and verification of the solution.

For our remaining customers, there are a few ways you can get involved in the TCSI rollout now, to ensure your implementation is successful.

Participate in Special Interest Groups

Customers are asked to have Business Users attend and actively engage in either the Australian Compliance group for VET or HE. Actively engaging means attending the regular meetings and responding to Customer Community chatter posts relevant to them.

Review Data Mapping documents and provide feedback

Customers are asked to review the data mapping documents which explain how the TCSI data is generated.

Data Mapping for TCSI

Verify Solution

Customers are asked to verify the provided solution in their test environments using their test data. Any feedback provided outside of these time frames will still be taken into account but may only be delivered in future releases.

Preparing for TCSI

To ensure that you are prepared for TCSI we recommend you complete the following activities now.

  1. PRODA registration. See Knowledge article section for PRODA for more information.
  2. Installation of Ci Anywhere infrastructure in Test Environment
  3. Installation of Ci Anywhere infrastructure in Production Environment

See below 'Consulting assistance' for consulting services available to help you with 2 and 3 above.

Consulting assistance

The below consulting services are available to help you upgrade and get ready for TCSI.


Ci Anywhere 2019B upgrade for on-premise customers (SaaS customers will have a scheduled upgrade). All apps and packages from 2019B are required to be installed before the below consulting services can commence

  • Ci Anywhere already installed - estimated 1 day remote per environment (Student Management only)
  • Ci Anywhere to be installed - estimated 3.5 days remote per environment (Student Management only)
  • $1960/ day


  • Implementation Guide
  • A series of recorded training sessions (see below for details)
  • $20,000


Basic package +

  • Implementation Assistance – Support Only
  • Data Readiness – Support Only
  • $25,000 (<10,000 enrolled students)
  • $35,000 (>10,000 enrolled students)


Basic package +

  • Implementation Assistance – Consulting and Support
  • Data Readiness – Consulting and Support
  • Reconciliation Activity and Support
  • Go Live/Submission Readiness – Support Only
  • $45,000 (<10,000 enrolled students)
  • $55,000 (>10,000 enrolled students)

All prices above are in AUD and excluding GST.


Implementation Guide and Checklist

All customers have access to the Implementation Guide and TCSI List of Configuration checklist, along with the knowledge based article TCSI and data mapping documentation. The Implementation Guide and TCSI List of Configuration checklist are updated as new configuration requirements are provided as part of the solution, Institutions will be advised as to when new versions are available. The changed items will be visible through track changes in the document.

Base Package

The base package includes an extended Implementation Guide which provides more detailed information on the following:

  • configuration for each of the processing parameters and translation rules.
  • configuration recommendations
  • key configuration changes
  • implementation guidelines
  • access management configuration

The base package also provides the following webinars/videos:

Introduction to Ci Anywhere and Access Management
An introduction to Ci Anywhere to familiarise users with the layout, navigation system and overall functionality. As user maintenance has changed between Ci and Ci Anywhere, this webinar also identifies new ways to manage users, security and access within an environment.

Getting started with TCSI – Configuration Overview
Summarises the configuration required for your TCSI solution. Whilst each following webinar provides in-depth instructions to preparing your TCSI solution, this webinar overviews the configuration to provide a more holistic understanding.

Processing Parameters and Translation Rules
Highlights what Processing Parameters and Translation Rules are, how they work within the greater solution, and how to configure. A few examples of each are provided that highlight the process to properly configure the functionality for reporting.

Ci Anywhere Configuration
The TCSI solution requires the use of both Ci and Ci Anywhere functionality. Ci Anywhere functionality includes Locations, Simple Registers, Supplementary Information and Corresponding Codes. This webinar provides an in-depth explanation of each separate functionality, identifying where they fit within the greater TCSI solution and how to configure these properly for TCSI reporting.

Design Studio, Data Models and Dashboards
Design Studio replaces Reporting Systems within Ci Anywhere. This webinar demonstrates Design Studio functionality and how users will interact with it when configuring their TCSI reporting solution. Data Models and Dashboards are both excellent tools to analyse and inquire on your configured TCSI reporting data. This webinar also demonstrates how to build and configure custom data models and dashboards to visualise your TCSI data within the TechnologyOne system.

Transferring Configuration – Data Unload/Reload & Transferring Configuration- Imports and Exports (two separate sessions)
With the TCSI configuration complete, it will be crucial to transfer this between Test and Production environments. Existing functionality allows for an easy transfer of the solution and this two-part webinar highlights the two different available methods for transferring your configured TCSI solution and migrating the data within.

Data Migration – Importing data into register fields
Some previous Ci functionality no longer exists within Ci Anywhere. Certain separate functionality in Ci has now been integrated as registers within Ci Anywhere. As the Ci Anywhere webinar demonstrates how to activate and publish Simple Registers, this webinar looks at how you can migrate your data from existing Ci functionality and import into the relevant Simple Registers within Ci Anywhere.

Admission Centre Processing
The new TCSI reporting elements require some changes to the way the Student Management System handles Admission Centre processing. This webinar overviews each of the new TCSI elements and how they relate to the existing Admission Centre import processes. It also identifies where you may store data against these new elements within your system. 

Silver and Gold Packages

The following assistance is also provided as part of the Silver and Gold packages:

Data Readiness Assistance
Data clean-up activities in preparation of configuring and running the TCSI solution. This activity includes an assessment and recommendation of the data clean up activity. A work request is required to be submitted by the customer outlining the clean-up detail to be undertaken. The work request should be based on the data group/files which are required for Government compliance.

Implementation Assistance
Assistance can be provided for the configuration elements which are required for TCSI implementation, reviewing and running of the Active Data Collection processing.

  • Support only - Guidance on configuration questions raised, and questions raised through the Active Data Collection process. This can include guidance on issue raised post-configuration and successful file generation.
  • Consulting – Consulting to assist and action configuration elements related to TCSI solution for each data packet. Assist with running the TCSI Active Data Collection process to confirm configuration. Where there are data related issues which come from running the TCSI process, these are to be provided to the customer for data cleansing activities to occur.

Reconciliation Activities

Data reconciliation activities in preparation for submitting files to the Department. Includes assistance in the comparison of entity data and the source data provided by the Department of Education and providing configuration amendments which may eventuate.

Go Live/Submission Readiness

Support go-live activities in preparation for the first submission of the files to The Department. Where the customer has 2 go lives, one for HE and on for VET. This service is required to be purchased for each activity.

The service includes the following activities:

  • Cut over preparation
  • Configuration transfer to production
  • Reporting for 2019
  • Reporting for 2020

This service is for TCSI implementation only. Where the site is incorporating other functional areas as part of the go live, this will need to be purchased as a different service.

Raise a consulting request in the Customer Community quoting ‘TCSI - [your package choice - tech, basic, silver or gold]' and our consultants will be in touch with a formal proposal.

More information

For the latest updates and frequently asked questions on TCSI, please refer to our TCSI knowledge article on the Customer Community

If you need assistance with getting ready for TCSI, raise a consulting request in the Customer Community and our consultants will be in touch with a formal proposal.

Should you require a login for the customer community please email [email protected].