Complete the form to apply to run a sponsored user group

Sponsored user groups represent part of TechnologyOne's new approach to user groups, enabling customers to run their own events with the support of TechnologyOne.

Customers running a supported user group will have the following responsibilities:

  • Schedule, plan and deliver the user group event
  • Keep us in the loop so you can have a TechnologyOne team member at the event and on the agenda to support you
  • Ensure the user group attendees are verified TechnologyOne customers
  • Deliver content focussing on TechnologyOne product or industry
  • Provide a minimum lead time of 8 weeks
  • Check the TechnologyOne events calendar to ensure your date doesn’t clash with a scheduled user group event

In turn, TechnologyOne will provide the following support:

  • Funding to cover catering and venue hire (up to £1000 per event)
  • Assistance with event communications
  • Access to TechnologyOne customer communication platforms (email, customer community etc)
  • TechnologyOne team member to be present at the event and to deliver an agenda session

*Limited to 15 customer events per year